Saturday, July 10, 2004

Let Freedom Ring - Somewhere Else

Our friends at the Tri-Cities Herald (free registration) have condemned the ejection of two handcuffed Citizens from a publicly-financed campaign stop. Their sin, you see, was wearing anti-Bush tee shirts outside the Constitutionally-protected free speech zone. It further appears that one of the protestors has been fired from her Federal job.

Thanks to skippy the bush kangaroo, who discusses ths outrage in greater detail.

Hate Amendment

It might be a good idea to email your senators and thank them for opposing the hate amendment.



Release the Damn Records

So the Federal Government and the UW have teamed up to try to deny us the right to see what the Feds were investigating. A judge will rule next week. And really what compelling interest could the public have in knowing what a federal investigation with our tax dollars of a public institution scamming Medicare and Medicaid turned up?

A Hub of Human Traffic

Apparently the trafficking in humans is so bad in the area that Seattle is about to get a federal task force to fight it. We're one of 10 ports that have or will have one.

Friday, July 09, 2004

The Beebe Bridge Fire Contained

Good news near Lake Chelan.

Seattle-Kingston Passenger Only Private Ferry Service

Has been OK'd.

The Frug is Gone

Jeff Smith, former UPS Chaplain and Tacoma's Frugal Gourmet, died of heart diesease on Wednesday.

Local Blogging Around

The Geoduck is glad there won't be Major League Baseball in P-town.

Democracy For Washington has a discussion of the 8th district candidates' forum.

The Ridenbaugh Report is concerned about figuring out who is a "known prostitute".

$116.8 million

The Seattle City Council is putting a 116.8 million dollar education levy.


I could really go for not having an anti-Arab arsonist in the state. Is that really too much to ask?


Via Kos:

Fairbank, Maslin, Maulin (D). 6/24-28. MoE 3.8%. (4/22-27 results)
Kerry 49 (46)
Bush 41 (42)

Senate race

Murray (D) 56
Nethercutt (R) 33

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Snohomish County to have deep layoffs


County officials will better know how extensive layoffs will be when the proposed 2005 spending plan is finalized by late September.

What's already known, however, is the depth of the budget hole the county is facing.

With the costs of providing services outpacing incoming revenues, the county faces growing general fund deficits in coming years. If the county continues on its current spending path, future deficits could grow from roughly $645,000 next year to almost $40 million in 2009.

Many county employees meeting at the First Presbyterian Church of Everett Wednesday wanted details on the new five-year forecast, released last week, that has reignited discussion of the county's budget woes.

For those who will remain on the job, though, some county employees want to know how the county's budget crisis will hurt their benefits or cost-of-living raises. Reardon said earlier that the number of employees let go will depend in part on how benefits packages and cost-of-living raises are structured.

Good thing there isn't an Important Election Before 2006

Because otherwise you'd think we'd want to be able to have confidence in our touch screen voting machines now.

Monorail Delays

Yeah, its the right thing to do. But it still stings that the initial 1 1/2 mile line probably isn't going to open early. Look for monorail opponents to point to this savings of millions of dollars, and possibly speeding up of the overall project as proof that the monorail is sunk.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

More on Gregoire's CYA

The Seattle Weekly's George Howland says that the timing of AG Christine Gregoire's recent decision to settle the Janet Capps lawsuit is "suspicious." Howland notes that Christine
released a vague statement saying of the missed appeal: “A number of factors contributed to this error.”
and points out that we still don't know who is responsible for this error.

Suzanne Thomas, Capps’ attorney, says this is a clear win for her client resulting from the state’s case falling apart.

Expect four years of these sorts of shenanigans in the Governor's office after January.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Open Thread

And I probably won't be posting tomorrow, just to let you know.

8th District Candidate's Forum

There will be a candidate's forum with Alben, Ross, and Behrens-Benedict tonight starting at 6:30 at the Renton Carpenter's Hall. 231 Burnett Avenue North.

Dave Reichert Opposes COPS Program

He's basically saying tax cuts for the wealthy are more important than police on the street. And a few months ago he was so convinced there were WMD in Iraq he proposed spending extra money to go find them. So finding phantom WMD are more important than police on the street. Even than the 142 King County police hired with the COPS program under Reichert.


It wasn't my first choice for Pres or VP, but it'll still be a hell of a ticket. At the top, you have the smart lefty who closes like nobody's business. A wonderful track record, and a great guy. At the bottom, one of the biggest surprises of the primary season. A man who laid out an incredible vision of America. He'll bring passion and drive to the ticket. And he should make the VP debate a pleasure to watch.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Senn Fundraiser/M's Game

It is expensive. But it's a fun way to help out a good candidate.

Paid Signature Gathering

Well I don't like it. The Spokesman-Review has a nice article on it. Of course I don't want to take away the lively hood of signature gatherers. But on the other hand, I don't want the wealthy to simply be able to buy their place on the ballot. And that is a much stronger urge for me.

Wild Fires

Every year the suburbs encroach a little more on the places where wild fires are burning. I'll be surprised if we don't lose any homes in Issaquah, or other similar places this year.

But in Western Washington, suburbanites are slowly waking up to the fact that their planned developments tucked into the foothills of Cascade timber forests look like potential disasters to firefighters.

There are about 3,000 blazes on Washington state land each year, and although they were once contained almost entirely within forestlands, the steady migration of urbanites into the wilderness has radically altered that pattern.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Cost Of War

Farewell Sergeant Best.

Family, friends and community members stand Tuesday as Marine Staff Sgt. Marvin Best's casket is brought into the Prosser High School gymnasium for his funeral service. About 1,500 people were in attendance at the service.

July 23

Will be Ross's last day on the air.

Viva SeaTac

3rd runway roundup.

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