Saturday, May 22, 2004

Open Thread

And so you know, I'll be back to my somewhat more regular level of posting on Monday (until the next insane project I get). Anyway, I've told Brenda that she can stay on as long as she wants, but obviously is under no obligation. And if she wants to start a blog that doesn't have someone else's pen name on it, that would be good too.

Friday, May 21, 2004


The new library is apparently an architectural masterpiece. The PI has a nice section. So I'll just say that it's ugly from the outside, but looks like it will be pretty cool from the inside. I realize Seattle is something of the city of ugly buildings (the Space Needle, EMT). But we also have some pretty cool looking buildings (the Smith Tower, the Washington Mutual Tower, the Columbia Tower, a lot of the old buildings in Pioneer Square). Anyway, I'm a function over fashion guy, so if it works well, then I'll be happy with the ugly building. And who knows, maybe it'll grow on me.

I feel bad for Saying this, but

I'm reading the same book as George Will and am enjoying it.

...You can buy Eats, Shoots, and Leaves from Elliott Bay Books here if you want.

Dave Ross to run for Congress

Dave Ross of Seattle's KIRO 710 is running for Congress in the 8th Congtressional District.

If this is something other than a publicity stunt at our expense, Ross should leave the air today and start his campaign. However, I predict that if Ross should be elected, he will soon find that his deep voice, his affable manner, and his clever witticisms will be of limited use in that house of vicious snakes.

Alben must have good political instincts and skills or he would never have thrived in the Bill Gates empire. I suspect that we are seeing the latest formation of the traditional Democratic Party Circular Firing Squad right before our very eyes.

Note to Paul Berendt: If your scheming returns this seat to the repugnicans, I will carefully place my Birkenstock prints all over your front and backside. And that extremely irritating voice screaming in your ear will me mine. Loyalty to your little cabal is NOT THE SAME as doing the right thing for the public.

Meet Governor Gregoire

Our Governeror Apparent has been accused of withholding records. Again.

Hey, Chrissie, why not declare these records to be a vague request for records and claim that they are all protected by the attorney-client privilege. You know that Uncle Gerry Alexander will let you get away with it. Oh, wait, you are in FEDERAL court this time. Maybe the Judge doesn't need your political support.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Do Yourself a Favor

And check out the blog of the locals involved in the supermarket negations.

Monorail 2003 Auditor's Report

here (.pdf).

I Hate the Business Section

So Microsoft is cutting back on benefits for its employees. They'll be cutting vacation time, requiring higher co-pays for brand name drugs, maternity leave and some other things. But what does the PI tell us is the good news? "Don't worry, the soft drinks in the break rooms are still free." Christamighty.

More Ethics Problems at the UW

The state's executive ethics board has added Jerry Nevin, the UW's director of football relations, to the two current and former UW employees accused of breaking ethics laws by accepting free flights on a UW booster's private jet.

The board is currently investigating ethics complaints against Husky football coach Keith Gilbertson and former coach Rick Neuheisel for taking the free flights on a jet owned by Seattle attorney Wayne Gittinger and two members of the Nordstrom family.

Ross Probably Will Run

Lots of 8th District craziness.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Go Tumwater!

Tumwater passed a resolution opposing the hate amendment.

Special Election Results (King County)

I couldn't find results on the secretary of state's page. And because I'm too lazy to find them for every county, here you go for just King. Evergreen Hospital passed, but the fire districts were sadly a mixed bag.

... There are still absentees out there, and they tend to be a bit more conservative.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Crime up a bit

Aside from murder (no change) and robbery, we're getting higher rates of many categories of crime here in Washington.


After months of continuously falling, the state's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose to 6.3 percent in April, up two-tenths of a percent from March, in an increase state officials said "is not necessarily a bad sign.

This is what Bothell Residents are Afraid of?

Monday, May 17, 2004

Barbieri has a good shot at Winning

I've been excited about the 5th for a while. It's not quite as thrilling as the 8th because it's further away and I don't know they dynamic quite as well. But the PI seems to think that as a centrist and with a solid business record and good funding, Barbieri might pull out the upset. Also I like how he's staying positive.

Barbieri rejects the notion that the 5th District has become solidly Republican.

"This district was represented by Tom Foley, one of the best centrist representatives we've ever had in Congress," he said

Tent City Update

Your humble reporter has just (10 a.m.) returned from St. Brendan Catholic Church, the new home of Tent City. It was a surreal experience. On one side of the street was a grassy lot with trees that, to my eye, looked like a great place to camp. Across the street was a herd of about 20 members of The Bothell Furrowed-Brow League. And KOMO-TV was there with about $750,000 in equipment. The only thing missing were tents and homeless people.

I did watch the KOMO-TV camera crew as they assaulted some poor guy who was just there to drop off some things. Poor fellow - he will probably get hate calls at home tonight.

And as of 9:45 a.m., Ken Schramm was nowhere to be found. I'm guessing that he is home catching up on his beauty sleep, a process that undoubtedly takes lots and lots of time.

Am I wrong to think that the opponents of this project are overleveraged, overconsuming, over-SUV'ed, and exceedingly ungenerous?

UPDATE: It appears that Tent City started to move in around 10:30 a.m. First Schramm sighting when it occurs.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Appointment Shuffle

Ah the fun the 8th legislative district is having. Devlin goes to the Senate. One of three people will replace him. And hopefully whoever gets it will lose to Jerad Koepp (hopefully that page will get better soon). And all that could happen before the next legislative session even starts.

Voting on Bonds and Stuff

Evergreen Hospital is going to have a $120 Million dollar bond on Tuesday. I voted absentee for my Fire District bond election (pro). I usually am a poll worker and haven't been called up, so that's a bit strange. But there are some other fire and school district levies. I don't know the specifics of any of them, but generally I'm in favor of schools and fire districts having more money.

Dull Senate Race

So I was reading this article about how the chattering class (of whom I suppose I'm a member, sort of) are lamenting that the Senate race isn't more exciting. Personally I'm thrilled, because it means Murray will probably glide to victory.

Anyway, the Republican spinsters were talking about how wonderful it is to have three competitive races at the top of the ticket. "State Republicans are touting a ticket that includes Bush, Dino Rossi for governor and Nethercutt for Senate." So there you have it: Republicans say that in Washington State they are thrilled to have a guy who lost bigtime even with a significant Nader factor, a midlevel state senator from a fairly safe seat, and someone who's relationship with the truth is so strained that he can't even talk honestly about college basketball.

PDA Decisions are Wrong - PI Agrees

An Editorial in the Sunday PI strongly criticizes the Washington State Supreme Court for its misguided decision in both of the recent cases under the Public Disclosure Act (PDA). As we told you earlier this week, I agree and I now believe that the PDA is a nullity.

The PDA survived for 30 years. It was an post-Watergate initiative that a response to our collective civic embarrassment over the actions of Attorney Erlichman, who was a big wheel on the Bar Association before going to the White House. The PDA initiative failed and was then enacted by the Legislature in 1974. Now 30 years later, Gerry Alexander and his band have finally defeated the will of the people. Old age and treachery beat youth and good intentions every time.

Judges in Washington have been described by one author as "Politicians in Robes." Anyone disagree?

Hey Cajun Supporters

This is what you're pinning your hopes on?

Take the Sammamish Valley Grange in Woodinville, where 14 people showed up for a recent monthly business meeting.

The gathering started off much like a scripted play, with members reciting memorized lines.

"Worthy steward, are the gates properly guarded?"

"Worthy steward, please close the inner gate."

Members called each other "brother" and "sister." At certain points, officers wearing purple and gold sashes marched in circuitous patterns around the wooden floor carrying 6-foot staffs topped with symbols of farming tools, such as a shepherd's crook or a pruning hook.

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