Saturday, April 10, 2004

Senate Outlook

Here's the latest from the Daily Kos:

**** States below this line are safe Dem seats *********

7. Washington (last update: 9)

I’m moving this race and California up due to the GOP recruitment failure in North Dakota. Senator Patty Murray has the unfortunate potential to end up this year as the 2004 version of Max Cleland. She does have a big lead in the polls and in fundraising, but Congressman George Nethercutt could prove to be competitive.


Community College Tuition Hike

I don't believe that higher education is the silver bullet, when it comes to lifting people out of poverty. There are plenty of college grads who will end up poor. The graduate unemployment rate is quite high at the moment. Conversely, there are plenty of non grads who for whatever reason make it all right. But it is an important piece of the puzzle, and in the aggregate it is important. That's why it's so frustrating to see the tuition hikes on community colleges. They are the places where the poor are more likely to at least start a higher education.

There are places to put your money to that will ease the problem somewhat (although I'd obviously prefer if the state did it).

Puget Sound Center For Teaching Learning and Technology

Shoreline Community College Foundation

Bellevue Community College Foundation

North Seattle Community College Foundation

Seattle Central Community College Foundation

South Seattle Community College Foundation

Thank You Tim Eyman

OK, so this wasn't an initiative, and I can't say for sure that we wouldn't be doing it if 695, and its successors hadn't passed. But our cash strapped state government has calling centers in India. In the private sector, that's one thing. I'd like to ensure Indians have many of the same labor rights as people in the US, but at the end of the day, private companies can do whatever they want. But for goodness sake, don't we hold the state to a higher standard? I mean I'd be pissed off if we had calling centers in Oregon.

Forty-one states, including Washington, are contracting with companies that use workers in India to answer questions from U.S. welfare recipients about state food-stamp programs and other benefits, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which monitors the food-stamp program.


I don't know if anyone caught Nethercutt's press secretary Mary Lane on Rewind (audio not up yet). Man she was awful. I usually like it when they can get a politico on, but Lane was not funny at all. She wasn't even shilling for Nethercutt, so what was even the point of her being there? I don't know.

Friday, April 09, 2004

They've Been Vulcanized

Harbor Properties Inc. of Seattle said it is "transferring its interest" in a mixed-use development project in South Lake Union's Cascade neighborhood to Paul Allen's Vulcan Inc., one of the project's joint-venture partners.

Harbor Properties has been the lead developer through the design and permitting phase of the 223 Yale project. Financial terms of the transfer were not disclosed.

Monorail FAQ on the MVET

When I read that, I realize that sometimes I write too much in abbreviations. But the Monorail folks answer some Frequently Asked Questions on the new Motor Vehicle Excise Tax rules.

5th Congressional District

Todd Mielke will not be running for the 5th district after all. He'll run for Spokane County commissioner instead. I haven't been following the Republican side of the 5th district as much as I maybe should, so I don't really know what this does to their slate.

(tip of the hat to Democracy For Washington)

Thursday, April 08, 2004

If You're Reading This from an Internet Cafe

I don't think you're dull.


Boeing is trying to sell off it's commercial division in Kansas and Oklahoma. If they do sell off it'll be easier to sell off Puget Sound commercial division. With the slow down in aerospace, the Snohomish county economy is already taking a big hit.

The union representing several of the workers at the factories said Boeing's desire to sell the Wichita plant is not news.

"We're not surprised at all that they're headed in this direction with the business plans they've laid out," said Bob Brewer, Midwest director of the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace. "They pretty much tell us that they want to snap together large airplane parts in Everett, and get out of the manufacturing business, and I think this is the direction they're headed with what I see here in front of me."

Got your shots?

Seven children from King and Snohomish counties have confirmed or probable cases of red measles and may have exposed hundreds of people in 21 public places in King and Snohomish counties.

All of the children were recently adopted from China and came to the United States with their new families on March 26.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Monorail Board Meeting

For those of you who are all "oh the Monorail doesn't represent me enough, blah blah blah." Listen Up. This is the bazillionth meeting they've held.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Oh Ralph

You had that whole primary season to do something, and instead you decided to give up any legitimacy you had left for another run in the general election. Again. And now you're in the Northwest begging for support. Come November Kucinich will have done more for a progressive future than you. Dean and Clark will have helped energize the activist elements of the Democratic party, and the country to action better than you. But just keep telling yourself that there is no difference between the two parties.

Nobody thinks you don't have a right to run. But honestly how responsive to your demands has George Bush been?

Sunday, April 04, 2004

I love a good Primary

Once someone's elected to the legislature, their caucus goes crazy trying to defend them from primary challenges. This makes some sense in swing districts, but otherwise, we ought to shake things up. A long standing or past record shouldn't be immunity from primary challenges. So 32 years ago Helen Sommers was the best person for the job, does that mean that she's still the best person now? Alice Woldt doesn't think so. And these challenges keep the party engaged with the community they represent.

Washington, Poor Washington

Part 1 - Equal Justice in Washington?

The Sunday Seattle Times spends most of five pages blaming the woes of the criminal justice system on a hapless Grant County public defender. True to form, the Times misses a major point.

A public defender or any other criminal defense attorney has a duty to get his client off if at all possible. On the other hand, the Prosecutor has much higher duties. In addition to uphholding the law, the Prosecutor also has a duty to uphold the public trust, and she owes this duty both to the public at large and to the member of the public that she is trying to prosecute.

The Times blames this defense attorney for failing to successfully challenge charges by the Prosecutor because those charges later appeared to be untrue. Making unwarranted or false charges in court is a violation of this duty and the Prosecutor should properly face sanctions for failing t uphond the public trust. Prosecutors should not be allowed to win a case at all costs.

Where is the Washington State Bar in these situations? Simply put, the Bar Association has never pursued a complaint against a Prosecutor or any other government atorney. And I predict that they never will.

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